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Ankhusa, Balinese authentic restaurant in Tegallalang, Ubud


Ankhusa, Balinese authentic restaurant in Tegallalang, Ubud  at Ini Vie Villa

Balinese are known for their love of food and enthusiasm for cooking. They are natural gastronomic adventurers. Almost all of Balinese life's most memorable moments are accompanied by astounding foods. From the birth anniversary, temple ceremony, wedding and funeral. Balinese food lovers might find it easy to dine-out in a restaurant since the Island has so many places to eat asian and local foods. But Ankhusa has many reasons for you to come. From delicious Asian food, an authentic ambiance, reasonable price, charming and hospitable service like no other places. These four magic ingredients are key to this brand-new international restaurant in Ubud. People want the flavor, consistency, and texture to be the same every time they come back. Here are the reasons why Ankhusa is worth a try for those who come to the island. 


Fusion Menu

Ankhusa is an international restaurant where Western savory meet the Asian delicate with local twist since many people love fusion cuisine nowadays. All of the menu designed to give optimal nutrition for the guest and various food in one seat. The restaurant believe that tongues have a very long memory when it comes to recollecting scrumptious food. And that’s why ever since its opening Ankhusa using high-quality ingredients with original recipes 


Oxtail soup is one of the cuisines that people come for. The soup or locally known as sop buntut is a beef tails soup  served with steamed rice, sambal soto and melinjo crackers. It has long been known that oxtail soup is one of the best local tastes in the archipelago. A comforting soup being cooked to the point of almost falling off the bones in aromatic spices and chunky vegetables. 

The menu also offer Indonesian corner such as Lawar Kenus, an infamous Balinese dish with traditional local ingredients and spices. It is made from young coconut mixed with grilled calamari, completed with pork belly, pork satay, urutan babi ( Balinese pork sausages ), grilled prawn, crackers, various of sambal and  steamed brown rice. The list also include beef rendang, Sumatran style braised beef with galangal spices, Balinese Chicken Betutu and another Asian Delight. Not to mention, a wok fried chicken with dried chili, vegetables, cashew nuts served with steamed rice 


A stunning place to help you become a better lover 

Ankhusa offers a spanning vista out to Ubud’s jungle from the hillside. It is the go-to dining destination for those visiting Tegallalang and nearby with semi-outdoor seating area in a casual atmosphere. Of course, the main pull of eating at Ankhusa is the views out to the surrounding verdant hills of Ubud, right down to the river in the distance.  As this location, many have their romantic dining experience with the spouse. Along with it, Ankhusa is part of Aksari Resort Ubud, one of the best resorts in the town.

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Friday 11 October 2019




Astounding experience by trekking tour in Ubud


Astounding experience by trekking tour in Ubud at Ini Vie Villa

While Ubud is a popular town among the tourists and expat it still has numerous spots yet to be explored. If walking among rice paddies like Tegallalang rice terraces and Royal Ubud Palace might sound boring for you, our team has a less-visited spot in Ubud that close to our resort so-called Siramandari walk. It has 3-5 kilometers long route with approximately 1-2 hours of walk. During the tour, you will be strolling among lush greenery jungle and immerse with the Balinese historical site. The activity not only will let you embrace the enchanting natural beauty of Ubud but also local wisdom. The activity is good for a morning stroll with several destinations and it starts between 7.30 to 8.30 AM 


What to Expect During Your Trip:

Siramandari Water Source

The tour begins in the morning with several destinations. The first destination is the Siramandari spot located next to our resort. Siramandari is Kenderan’s one of the water sources in the middle of rice fields which using subak system derived from Tri Hita Karana, the traditional philosophy of Balinese which means three reasons for prosperity: Harmony with God, people, and nature. The water is being used for centuries for daily-use and irrigation system. Adjoined with a temple, Siramandari is essential and becoming a sacred spot. 


Manuaba Waterfall

After that, the tour will take you visiting the Manuaba Waterfall located not far away from the tracking route where we should go down through the stairs and wooden bridge. It has more than 10 meters tall. The breeze that comes through the cliff and jungle will give us a calmness. During this activity you will also pass several shrines along the track with Griya Sakti Manuaba temple became the most popular among the others located near the main road. There are also amazing spot that worth a visit such as Telaga Waja Temple


Telaga Waja Temple

Telaga Waja Temple. Beyond a sacred shrine for local, locals believed that Telaga Waja has a magical effect on everlasting and harmony between the married couple. The water temple Telaga Waja located 7 km away from Aksari Resort Ubud and commonly become part of one of Bali's magical rituals which involve using water as a ritual cleanser locally-known as melukat. Unlike many shrines in Bali, Telaga Waja temple composed of water temple and cave adjoined with the main field and believed as a sacred place where Danghyang Nirarta, the religious figure for Balinese, live as an ascetic. Heading to the temple, you will go down more than hundreds of stairs and along the path, you will be surrounded by trees and humid soil. 

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Wednesday 09 October 2019




Kojin, Japanese Restaurant in Tegallalang Ubud


Kojin, Japanese Restaurant in Tegallalang Ubud at Ini Vie Villa

Japanese cuisine is getting more and more popularity nowadays and almost everyone loves this food, not to mention the teppanyaki. With a clatter of steel and a colossal of fire there, authentic teppanyaki is one of the most theatrical dining experiences. For those who are looking for the best Japanese twist craving great cuisine from the Land of the Rising Sun, Kojin Teppanyaki probably some of Ubud’s best Japanese restaurants. 

Opened its doors in the mid of 2019, Kojin is a Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant strives to be one of the best Japanese Restaurant in Ubud since the town much sought-after destination for Japanese travellers and Japanese food lovers. Derived its name from Kojin, one of the Japanese god of fire, Kojin’s signature is teppanyaki that blend local ingredients with Japanese taste. Kojin has strong modern-Japanese decoration, opens for lunch and dinner. 


Apart with Teppanyaki, it has various menu from sushi, sashimi, tempura, rice bowls, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and options of noodles. Combined local and imported ingredients, Kojin serve the menu both on traditional and modern way to create an intimate interaction for ultimate dining experience. 


Kojin Teppanyaki is also a fusion of Japanese and Balinese way of hospitality,  treating guests with a welcoming spirit and full of warmth like no other places. Kojin  always committed to meet the needs of the guests by serving them with sincerity to create a happy and memorable dining experience. 


Nestled in Kenderan, Kojin is a part of Aksari Ubud Resort surrounded by lush greenery jungle and rice fields for relaxing experience. The restaurant is set to be more intimate than any other dining space with the table seats overlooking the kitchen. This formation will allow everyone who come to enjoy the meal and at the same time get an interaction with the chefs at work. Along with top quality of food, Kojin provides a variety of drinks with Japanese twist consists of sake, cocktails and wine to suit different palates.

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Monday 07 October 2019




Balinese Family Ceremonies You Should Know


Balinese Family Ceremonies You Should Know at Ini Vie Villa

Balinese believed that a human being is blessed with all the elements that derived from god and it is essential to marks sacred moment by give an offerings and pray in the shrines in every situation. Along with public ceremonies, Balinese have its own family ceremonies and these golden-age rite mark major events in a person's life, including birth, puberty, tooth filing, marriage, death and even incarnation. 


Magedong-gedongan Ceremony

Magedong-gedongan is an efforts or sacred ceremony to protect the babies during antenatal phase. In another words, this is the first stages of human beings or child’s life. Balinese Hindus believed that after the ceremony the baby will be healthier and when the babies grow up they have spiritual and psychological wellness as well as to protect the child from the unseen evils or the supernatural world. During the pregnancy, the mother also prohibited to say rude as it could affect the nature and character of the baby in the future. 

Commonly, Magedong-gedongan will take place on the six month of pregnancy as it can be seen the sex of  the baby either male or female. This as Balinese believe of reincarnation and the ancestor could dwelling within the baby. During this time, the family will pray and put an offering into Merajan, a small temple by which usually can be found in front of Balinese home. By doing this pray, family members try to communicated to the ancestor spirit and bring an offering that consist of flower and carp fish or ikan mas. 

Symbols and purposes are provided during the ceremony. Family members would create a Pagedong, A  home-shaped offering miniature made of coconut leaf where the owner put some rice, eggn coin, thread and spices and leave it until the mother getting contraction. In several family, a Pagedong would constructed like mother’s womb. The family then lies it near the bedroom and opened it close to contraction time. This home-shaped offering miniature is a symbol of  catur sanak as Balinese believe that human also protected by four spiritual brothers that accompany since pregnancy, childbearing, during life and dying process.  


Ceremony for The Newborn

When the baby is born, the family run a ritual to treat the placenta as it is considered as the sister/brother of the baby. The placenta washed and being covered by pandan leaves as a symbol of black magic repellent disorder followed by inserted into the coconut shell. After being given a mantra or sacred prayer, the placenta in the coconut shell then planted in front of the home. 

It is considered to be the father who take care the placenta and be treated carefully. The placenta which buried near the home must be closed with a cage and light up to three months. Everyday the family member should pray to Sang Hyang Kumara or the god of child protector and bring an offering for the buried placenta to keep it safe and blessed. 


Kepus Pungsed

Kepus Pungsed or Kepus Puser is the ceremony to marks the umbilical cords that fall of from the baby and this is the first post-natal ceremony. Usually, it is held when the baby are 3-7 days old and it represents to clean soul and body of the newborn baby. In several village, Balinese would make upakara or family ceremony as an effort to clean the surrounding and greeting the baby. Some others called this Mepenelahan which means terminate as Balinese believed that during pregnancy and after birth, a baby accompanied by catur sanak, a guardian from the four element which consist of placenta, umbilical cords, blood and fetal membrane. Hence, as the baby grow up the task of catur sanak to maintain and take care the baby is over. 

But, what happens for the umbilical cords? The Balinese would mixed it with spices such as cove and safe it in a tipat, diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf poch. The aim is to make the umbilical cords by which part of the body of baby keep warm. The umbilical cords that had been covered by tipat then hanged on one of the corner of the house towards the room where the baby sleep.

During this time, the family also build a Plangkiran, a miniature shrines that attached to the wall to pray and present an offerings for Sang Hyang Kumara or god of child protector. The plangkiran should be placed based on kaja or points of the compass, tucked in the northern of the home towards the south or placed in the eastern faced to the west. 


Tutug Kambuhan and Nyambutin Ceremony

Tutug Kambuhan or Bulan Pitung Dina is a ceremony to cleansing the baby soul from the evil spirit. Not only for the baby, but this ceremony aim to cleans the mother as well from a bad habits on previous life. The ceremony will held soon after the baby about 42 days old and could lasts for six weeks. As the baby grow up, Balinese believed that blood circulation and digestive systems are getting normal, followed with normal function of  sweat, skin and body systems. Tutug Kambuhan is lead by a priest and there are three places to conduct the ceremony: In the kitchen, water source or bathroom and sanggah kemulan or mini shrines close to the home.

 While Nyambutin Ceremony is held after the baby is three month old and considered to be a time for the baby to be completely human race. During this time, a baby is allowed to touched the ground for the first time and the parent will adorn the baby several jewellery. This as before the three months, babies are considered holy creature. Before the ceremony begin, holy water is sprinkled and food offerings are made to appease demons and entice benevolent spirit. 


Ngotonin ritual is carried out to Balinese in their age of six months, and is regularly held in the interval of the next six months during their lives. During the ceremony, the priest who lead the Ngotonin will cut the hair of the baby as Balinese believe the first hair is dirty. The process followed by using a thread on the wrist among the Balinese as a represent of the right way and endless spirit on daily activity. It is equivalent of birthday in Bali as otonan derived from pawetuan words in local which means the birth day. By doing otonan or ngotonin, the Balinese are trying to be respectfully to Sang Hyang Widhi as part of the spirit altering to be a human.


Ceremony at The Coming of Age or Ngraja Swala

The ceremony is to mark the coming age, which shows a periods for the girl and laughter sound for the boy or when they reach 14 years old. Ngraja which derived from the words “menginjak remaja”,  is a period where the girl and the boy are reaching the adult time. The ceremony aim to bring more awareness to Balinese prior to becoming an adult and encouraged to thinks critically and wisely in every decision they’ve made. In some villages, the ceremony took places in their community temples and massively held while some others run the ritual by themselves 


Tooth Filling Ceremony ( Mepandes )

Mepandes is ceremony where Balinese teenage cut some part of the teeth, in particular the six upper tooth including the canine which are filed to symbolize the six evil spirits in his/her body which caused conflict in all human from greedines, rudeness slander and any negative impacts. In common, the ceremony will be held in morning no longer than 10 a.m in community shrines. The girls who has their first period and the boys with his nocturnal emission are encouraged to take part of this ceremony as it was a sign that they are getting puberty. 

Wedding Ceremony

Balinese has a unique wedding ceremony tradition which has bold Hindus rituals, custom regulation and matching with specific day. Let’s say, for instance, only couples from the same caste or level were allowed to marry. However, as the world and the civilization change dramatically many have been married without considered the caste and they even have intercultural marriage. Yet, the traditional Balinese wedding ceremony still practiced and during the procession the Balinese couple will use the beautiful uniform or traditional uniforms of Balinese. In common there are three  types of wedding in Bali.


The first and the most rarely is marriage by elopement or locally called Ngerorod. On this circumstance the boy/girl will keep the beloved one in friends or family home and they protected by community members. After the wedding ceremony, the new couple send message to the boy/girl’s parent. Commonly this type of marriage happens as a response of rejection either on boy’s or girl’s family members. 

The second and most common is Memadik by which both of the family members of couple gathered to arrange the wedding ceremony. It is costly process and offerings are involved. Memadik is most respectfully marriage ceremony and consist of several  ceremonial in boy’s and girl’s home. 

The last is Nyentana. This is a traditional and old-age tradition where the the boy leaves for the girl’s house. This as a response when the girl’s family have no sons to look the family property so the boy prepared to be the successor. 



Cremation Ceremony or Ngaben

Ngaben is renowned, funeral ceremony among the Balinese Hindus and it is believed to release the soul of dead body so that the deceased can enter the next stage of life outside the world. 

The procession starts with saved the body within the coffin and end with cremating. Local believed that all of the deceased must be burned as to release their spirits, which had been trapped within their earthly remains or intended to return the bodies into fundamental element that forms human being such as fire, air, water, earth and void. Families and friends would pray for the deceased for the last goodbye and they carry the corpses with rites, dressed with traditional attires accompanied with traditional Balinese music to the cemetery.

As a part of preparation, the Balinese would make a Bade, a tower-shaped construction with multiple level that based on the caste or social structure of the body. The higher the Bade, the more important the dead person in social structure or Balinese caste. The family then bring the bade and the coffin to the cemetery. In a special case, some families also made a Lembu, an ox-shaped coffin. However, only the Balinese with the highest caste would made it for the deceased and the preparation for Ngaben is varied among the Balinese as depend on several reasons caste. At the end of the rite, the corpse are burned. The family then put the ashes of the corps in a coconut shell then bring it into the ocean nearby as they believed the body will back to the elements. In the Balinese traditional version of Hinduism, people always reincarnate among their heredity. 

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Tuesday 20 August 2019




Where to Get Free Gluten food near Ubud


Where to Get Free Gluten food near Ubud at Ini Vie Villa

For several people eating gluten might be harmful since it is lead to celiac disorder, diarrhea, bloating and even depression. For those who want to eat gluten-free food during stay near Seminyak, these places offer delicious foods yet 100% free from gluten. Some of the restaurants are open daily from breakfast till late dinner. 


Ubud Gluten Free Kitchen

Tucked in the central of Ubud, Jalan Sriwedari, Gluten Free Kitchen is funky health conscious cafe also known as Warung Schnitzels. With various healthy and gluten free menu all the dishes  are both mouthwatering and delectably generous. Open from breakfast to dinner, the restaurant provide bread, pastries, cakes and coffee. It's a great place for an intimate or group dining.


Alchemy Bali 

The restaurant is totally designed for organic and vegan. Since its opening in 2011 the concept and the menu has attracted many customers to come and become favorite among food enthusiasts. Located in the main road of Jalan Penestaan Kelod, Alchemy Bali open for breakfast to late dinner. 


Acai Queen 

This coffee shop focused on desert, with vegan and gluten free options. Located in Jl Gootama, Acai Queen open from 8 AM to 10.30 PM. It is wholly vegan with healthy breakfast and has the creamiest acai bowls. All the food and drinks are totally delighted and great place for couples and families gathering. 

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Saturday 10 August 2019




Top Coworking Places in Ubud 


Top Coworking Places in Ubud  at Ini Vie Villa

Digital nomad and work independently are getting more and more popularity these days. Once you are in Bali and wondering if could work independently, finding a coworking places is beneficial. Not to mention, a place where you can socialize and lit your creative ideas up.  



Nestled close to the main road, Outpost give you the freedom to design your best life. The room and the staff will give you the freedom for perfection of your work. The architecture combines living and working spaces with training opportunities and warm community with cultures and great environment.  As the great reputation, Outpost has its 2 branch that lies in Ubud and Canggu. Apart for digital nomad or solo travelers, Outpost also a place for a group of people. They know that travelling the world as a group demands laser-focused organisation combined with inspirational travel experiences. Outpost rent the room that ranged from daily to monthly. 


Hubud is not only a notable coworking space in Ubud, but also curates and offers a variety of programs created to help accelerate professional growth. It has a variety of programs such as coliving which will give you life changing experience, the Colearning  by which will give you the knowledge of industry luminaries and international communities, Cogiving in which you will get involved for positive activity in backyard and many more. Unlike many other places, Hubud offers affordable space or place from 30 hours rent to unlimited monthly. 

The Onion Collective

The Onion Collective starts with a restaurant before moved to Ubud in 2013 and  determined to create more meaning and impact to the community. The founder starts with the idea that people can gather, work and eat delicious food. Since then, the onion collective become one of the best co-working places not only in Ubud, but also in Bali. 

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Wednesday 24 July 2019




Where to Find The Best Chinese Restaurants in Bali


Where to Find The Best Chinese Restaurants in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

No doubt that Bali is a mecca for foodies that composed of restaurants, small eateries or warung that has a distinctive style of delicacies from Asian to European, and traditional to modern served. For those in search for Chinese or Cantonese cuisine, the restaurants below are worth a try. Not to mention the decoration that will give you truly chinese ambiance. 


Table 8

As a part of Mulia Resort and Villas, Table 8 Restaurant will shows you the live cooking stations which you can see the chefs make prepare your meal with high-quality ingredients. Feast with the extravagant Dim Sum or choose from the signature menu. Indulge in our freshly prepared dishes available every day, that serves chinese and cantonese food. Apart from the asian taste, the restaurant will bring you to the truly Asian ambiance yet luxurious with wooden decoration and ceramics properties. 

Happy Chappy 

This is a family-style Chinese restaurant in Seminyak is inspired by a blend of traditional Chinese culture with a hip, modern influence. The restaurant serving the most delicious traditional Cantonese-style Chinese food with moderately priced, yet thoughtfully plated dishes. The chefs have worked tirelessly recreate favorite Cantonese-style dishes that westerners know and love. The food is simple and uncomplicated, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients each of which evokes a nostalgia for childhood Chinese food delights. Family style servings make sharing part of the Happy Chappy experience – from the classic Honey Prawns to a spectacular Peking Duck. Drive-up take-away is also available so that guests may enjoy a delicious meal at their hotel or villa. The old-shanghai inspired decor is contrasted by pops of modernity and elegance. Areas of the dining room can be configured to create additional privacy for large parties celebrating life’s special events. 

Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant is an elegant and sophisticated Chinese Restaurant serving the finest Cantonese, Szechuan cuisines and Dim Sum lunches. The interior resembles a classic Chinese dining venue, with traditional paper lanterns, a rich combination of red and gold with carved wood paneling and elegant furnishing. Located adjacent to the Main Lobby of Bali Dynasty Resort, it is open for lunch and dinner 7 days in a week. With many awards as one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Bali, Golden Lotus is proud to cook Chinese cuisine. 

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Saturday 20 July 2019




Where to Find Organic Food in Ubud


Where to Find Organic Food in Ubud at Ini Vie Villa

For those who stay in Ubud and wanted to find an organic stuff to consume, these small eateries or warung are best for it. However, keep in mind that they are not open daily as the material quite rare and takes longer periods to grow than common vegetables. 


Warung Alami Jimdo 

This small eateries tucked in Jalan Raya Tebongkang, Singakerta and only sell the organic market every Tuesday that starts from 9.00 to 13.00. In front of warung alami,we sale the products  the safe, natural , handmade , that made by individuals. They sell vegetables and fruits that varied from vegetables, fruits, macrobiotic products and Japanese salad. All of these are planted locally by local farmers. Apart from an organic vegetables shop, Warung Alami Jimdo sells organic soap that is purely handmade from the coconut oil that growth naturally in Bali and vegetarian foods for lunch and breakfast. 


Ubud Organic Market 

The market is open on Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. It sells organic produce vegetables and fruits, raw nuts and seeds as well as cacao product. Some people said that the market is one of the best things about magical Ubud where the farmers gather and make some community. Some of whom even take advance orders that you can pick up during the market hours. 


Moksa Farmer’s Market 

The market is located behind the Moksa Ubud restaurant or near the small health center locally known as Puskesmas Ubud. The market is open every Saturday from 10 to 2 pm. Moksa has been combined restaurant, permaculture and Dojo for awakening sense or yoga activity. 

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Saturday 13 July 2019




Beautiful Temple inside The Cave in Bali 


Beautiful Temple inside The Cave in Bali  at Ini Vie Villa

As a province or island that so-called Island of thousand temples, Bali has loads of temple that scattered around the island, including by the sea, rivers, mountains and even within a cave. You can see and visit the majestic of these temple but don’t forget to wear your clothes properly and pay attention either restricted or sacred area. Below are temples by the cave you can visit  throughout Bali. 


Pura Goa Giri Putri

The temple located in Nusa Penida Island and became one of the island’s major attractions. The cave tucked in north-eastern part of penida where you need the hill as  the temple located far away from the main road. The temple is spacious and the floorings before the main shrines are covered with white marble partly. Totally there are six praying spots in the temple. 

Pura Goa Lawah 

Pura Goa Lawah located in Pesinggahan village in Karangasem regency, featuring worshipping shrines built around a cave and it is a home to thousands of bats. The temple is one of the most picturesque temples Bali which dates back to the 11th century and the temples is undergone a series of renovations in the outer perimeters. 

Pura Goa Gajah 

Pura Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave is one of the sacred places in Bali. Even though its name is Elephant, you won’t find any sculpture or elephant carving near the cave. Right in front of the cave, we'll be welcomed by meeting hall, a temple courtyard and open-air gallery of large stone relics. Locals believe that the temple dates back to the 9th century for the meditation purposes by local and the royal family. 

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Friday 12 July 2019




Where to go this Month


Where to go this Month  at Ini Vie Villa

If you visit Bali this month with your beloved one or bestie, love art and musicaholic, the events below would be suitable for you. They have distinctive difference with any other festival that will blow your mind as well as endless virtually entertainment. 


This Is Life Festival 

The festival in particular is a music festival that hold on Gili Air, Lombok, that run 24 hour music from 20-21th of July. There are numerous theme of music will be played on this event including techno, house and many more that uniting people and all party flavors across the board into a single dose which aims to produce a unique musical and cultural experience. Surrounded by coconut trees, crystal clear waters and pristine white beaches, the festival takes place with support of the local community, under the warm Indonesian sunshine in Gili Air. 


Gypsy Land Festival

Similar with This Is Life Festival, Gypsy Land Festival offers music and arts festival in Seminyak with numerous genre of musical offerings. The festival will run for 2 days on July 13-14th with specific dresscode Alice in Wonderland and Mad Max. The festival is an interactive immersive environment where worlds collide, it's good versus evil. There's a heavy focus on set design, costume and non-musical entertainment. Escape to the Wonderlands a psychedelic refuge, a place for all you enlightened pixies. It’s glitter, butterflies and all things bliss. Alice awaits you, take her hand and join her on a magical journey. Enter the Badlands a post apocalyptic world, a trash filled landscape reminiscent of mad max. Why be nice when you can be naughty? It’s the end of the world, join the bad batch and indulge in all your sinful desires.

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Friday 05 July 2019




Pursuing Happines in Barbapopa


Pursuing Happines in Barbapopa at Ini Vie Villa

Cotton candy. Candy floss. Fairy floss. Whatever you call it, Barbapopa is the first place in Bali to open up a shop that’s totally dedicated to this technicolored, cloud-like treat – plus a selection of cool drinks to wash it all down with. Sitting in central Ubud in all its pink-and-baby-blue glory, Barbapopa is where you can relive your childhood memories with cotton candy in abundance. You can never be sad when you're holding a cotton candy in your hand.

Whether it's a delightful blast from the past, of those fun memory we have as kids munching on this classic confection at fairs, festivals, or parties, or it's simply the magic of having this wonderfully fluffy, tongue-tickingly tasty cloud of sweet that melts in your mouth. The shop putting a big smile on every single person that walks inside our little shop in Ubud, Bali. Barbapopa makes classic cotton candy to fall in love with, as well as that giant, epic ones that you didn't know you need in your life. 

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Friday 28 June 2019




Golf Clubs when You are in Bali


Golf Clubs when You are in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

In Bali, golfers fall in love with courses for their beautiful views, world-class services, and impeccable layouts. Some golfers also have a love to hate relationship with all those courses that really test their ability. Moreover, the golfscape team has been researching the most challenging courses to play in. Take a look at the golf courses that give an incredible game whilst also leaving players determined to complete some of the hardest holes in Bali, or even in Asia. 

Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club

Set with views of dramatic cliffs, a grand temple style clubhouse, and intricate greens results in Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club swinging into the list. Architectural relics and rock outcroppings offers a testing game of golf for those looking to take on Bukit Pandawa. Golfers flock to experience this course as it’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to play. 

Handara Golf & Resort Bali

Handara Golf & Resort Bali is a mountain golf resort located near Bedugul with a world-class difference. The first golf & country club resort to open in Bali was voted by one of the greatest golf courses in the world. Course founder, Ibnu Sutowo named it after his youngest daughter, Handara. The Ibnu Sutowo Senior Open is held at the course every year in memory of Ibnu’s remarkable legacy.

Bali National Golf Club 

Bali National Golf Club offers visitors a truly luxurious golfing experience on the renovated golf club that has three distinct playing environments throughout the 18-hole course. The Hawaiian-styled golf course is only a short 20 minute drive through Bali Mandala toll road from Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport. Bali National is located in The MAJ Nusa Dua, inside The Nusa Dua tourism complex. The course not only offers luxurious villa accommodation but also sits alongside three miles of white sand beaches.

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Thursday 27 June 2019




Ubud Night Activity You Can Enjoy


Ubud Night Activity You Can Enjoy at Ini Vie Villa

There’s so much to do in Ubud at night from immerse in a cultural activity, see a captivating dance, enjoy the meal in top-notched restaurants as Ubud has been growing as popular town. Here are several activities at night that will give you a compelling experience.


See A Cultural Performance

As a vibrant town, Ubud originally known as artistic village with numerous forms of arts ranging from visual arts and material with one of the centers activity are hosted in the Ubud Palace for cultural connoisseurs. The beautiful compound that was built in the late 17th century still shines its charm and vibrant sound of the traditional, musical ensembles resonate within its wall every evening, accompanying exquisite dances performance by youth groups of various villages. Commonly, the palace run notable dance from legong, topeng dance or mask dance and many dances that bring its guests the life and colour of Balinese heritage. The show starts at 18.30, but it is best to come early to get a good seat. The temple’s dances are always a magnet for photographers, hoping to capture the essence of Bali. So, if you are looking to immerse yourself in the culture, spend an evening watching the dances at the Ubud Palace.


Visit A Place For Bestie and Family

Folk Pool and Gardens probably Ubud’s first swim-up bar with a seasonal twilight cinema situated right in the heart of town. It offers a wide range of food, from vegetarian to tasty grills, and drinks from the crafts to the classics. When it comes to lounging for the day, you can pick the perfect spot in the venue’s open garden that’s just right for you. Open daily from 9am to 10pm, Folk Pool and Gardens is the ultimate spot for some Ubud downtime, a favourite for both residents and visitors looking for somewhere to really relax. For a truly relaxing experience, you can order from your cozy space or swim over to the bar for an extensive option of drinks, whether you’re in the mood for some craft cocktails or a healthy smoothie. Folk fills up very quickly during the day, so make sure to book your space early.


Place for Late Night Drink

Strive to be a hub of tourism, Ubud has everything including the speakeasy. Room 4 Dessert is one of the best place and a popular spot for late night drinks and luscious desserts.  Expect premium pours and classic cocktails, like the Fabulous Negroni or a Manhattan. It’s another must try on the Ubud roundabout in the city center.

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Thursday 20 June 2019




Best Vegan Restaurants in Ubud


Best Vegan Restaurants in Ubud at Ini Vie Villa

Vegan will be stocked as soon as they meet this restaurants. Packed with spacious and extraordinary decoration, the restaurants not only serve the best vegan meal but also community occupation such as yoga and culinary activity to get involved. With locally plant-based ingredients, the consumers growing rapidly and become must visit restaurants for everyone who come to Ubud. 


The Seeds of Life Cafe

This cafe always serves the best and freshest ingredients to cleanse your body with their freshly picked 10-year-old Ginseng and wild berries. They also host Raw Food Culinary Academy where they teach people the art of creating vibrant living foods and ways to extract the most nectar out of life. Alongside with it, they held yoga retreats for many years to be one of many yoga center in Ubud.

Clear Cafe

Focus on local, ethical produce defines what Clear Café is. This ethos is evident in everything they do. Their work to promote and foster the produce of local Balinese farmers is laudable, as is their dedication to healthy eating and positive energy,  they promote the belief that energy can be transferred through food. Thereupon they maintain a positive and upbeat atmosphere in the kitchen at all times. However, it is the quality of the food that comes out of that kitchen that really counts, and theirs is second to none. The cuisine is international, incorporating dishes from the Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia



With its mixed traditional Balinese and Chinese decoration, Sage is excellent for both a sit-down meal and a quick bite. Their chai coconut latte and vegan banana bread are perfect companions, while their burgers and burritos are known to move diners to tears of joy. The ambiance is cozy and the staff are super attentive. Ideal for a big group dinner, as they have a large central table.

Bali Buda

Bali Buda is not just a restaurant, it’s a community with a conscious mission to serve healthy and locally produced food. They source their products from local farmers supervised by the Bali Organic association. Bali Buda is also a groceries shop, selling what might just be the best bread in Ubud.

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Tuesday 18 June 2019




Best Bars in Ubud Must-visit


Best Bars in Ubud Must-visit at Ini Vie Villa

Mix of modern and traditional way of wellness, packed with art, history and mouthwatering food, it’s no surprise that Ubud is one of the most visited towns in Bali. And in the past several years, countless people come as Ubud is notorious for spiritual awakening. But, as a town that strives to be a hub of tourism in Bali, Ubud has everything including best place where we can get our favorites liquor. Here are Ubud best bars and raise your glass.

Laughing Budha

The Laughing Buddha is one of the liveliest bars in town and best for good fun and live music and of course. It is located right on Monkey Forest road and the whole place is usually up and grooving to the nightly live bands who always raise the roof.


Lacasita Fonda Mexicana

Blurring the lines between lunch and late night cocktails, Lacasita Fonda Mexicana has long been known for its Margaritas that have us propping up their techni-coloured bar every evening. The food is fresh and the drinks served in an art from. They offer dining experience that made for sharing with a hype music everyday.



Divine Wine & Cocktail Bar

This bar is part of the sprawling Bridges restaurant and overlooking the beautiful Wos River gorge. Divine Wine & Cocktail Bar is a casual yet sophisticated spot to indulge in a few pres or post dinner drinks. One of the best wine lists around and a selection of small bar bites available complete the picture at this Ubud favourite.

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Thursday 13 June 2019




How to get Spiritual Wellness in Ubud


How to get Spiritual Wellness in Ubud at Ini Vie Villa

Ubud is getting more and more popularity now that countless spots with its enchanting natural beauty and adorable cultural activity we can see. Many people were ecstatic during a visit and by now Ubud is not only a place where we can see the captivating of Bali’s nature and cultural activity, but also a meca for spiritual wellness. Loads of yoga and meditation centers have been built  and spiritual activity already held annually since Ubud is fantastically best place to get fit. Here are several options for those who seek the spiritual well-being and things to do during in Ubud. 


Yoga Center that Worth to Try

Loads of yoga center were spiritual awakenings for those who come to visit. Each has its uniqueness, long-reputation mentors and tremendous natural background of Ubud. Each center are ready to work closely with you to take your yoga practice to the next level with a private yoga class. Individual or private group yoga classes in Bali are available from a wide range of experienced teachers with years of knowledge and experience across many different fields. There are a range of options of yoga teachers offering private classes who can come to your home or hotel (if there’s space) or set aside time in a studio. For instance, Ubud Yoga Center that has the whopping great classes with just above 56 classes in a week and The Yoga Barn that ranged from the novice to intermediate classes with loads of variety of Yoga.



Find Your Best  Retreat

Aksari Resort Ubud is a natural retreat for mind, body and soul. Found just outside of Ubud in Tegallalang Village. Each Villa are built to make the most of the majestic environment in which they stand-atop a winding river across from the forested hills and full of landscaped gardens.The resort has a wonderful spa and using natural ingredients for SPA treatment, spacious lounge, swimming pool and a large selection of healthy menu. Aksari resort ubud is perfect for individuals, group gathering, yoga retreat and foremost sanctuary for family.


Strolling for Body Wellness with the Nature of Ubud backdrop

We can go strolling or even jogging with sweeping hilltop views in several places, such as Campuhan Ridge Walk. An optional activity to increase our fitness while we are stuck in the sedentary lifestyle. It was quirky and many people come back as the trail is fit for all ages thereupon enjoying morning and afternoon walk. Where they come in the morning around 6 am - 9 am and 4 pm-6 pm in the afternoon. It has more than three kilometers route with winding stone track, and as long as we walk we can enjoy interminable lush greenery of Ubud. Many people come as the Campuhan Ridge easy to reach and nestled in the center of Ubud. Or, for those who want to immerse with the beauty of rice fields Tegallalang rice terraces is incredibly awesome place to visit.

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Tuesday 11 June 2019




Top-notch Restaurants that Worth to Visit during in Ubud


Top-notch Restaurants that Worth to Visit during in Ubud at Ini Vie Villa

Ubud is not only about yoga studios, rice paddies and Balinese temples. Busy by day, peaceful by night, Ubud is home for top-notch restaurants with serenity and an array of foods that appetizing from Asian to Western, traditionally served to contemporary and vegan. It’s where you’ll find award-winning restaurants as well as Bali’s most famous Bagi Guling small eateries. From one end of the spectrum to the other, Ubud’s food scene is as diverse as its verdant, jungle-covered landscapes. Here are top-listed places of where to eat in Ubud where they served everyday eats, cool coffee shops and local loves.


Kojin Japanese Restaurant

Derived its name from Kojin, one of the Japanese god of fire, Kojin has varied of Japanese cuisine from sushi, sashimi, tempura, rice bowls, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and options of noodles. However, the restaurant is specialized in teppanyaki made of local ingredients with Japanese style. The restaurant is the best place to enjoy Japanese cuisine while in Ubud with its strong modern-Japanese decoration and spacious room towards the lush greenery jungle. It is opens for lunch and dinner.


This restaurant is uber-popular or Ubud favourite in Bali. So, make sure to book a table before you actually arrive in Bali. As the name suggests, Locavore uses only sustainably sourced ingredients from the island itself, even the plates and furniture are made locally. Go a la carte or try the famed, seven-course degustation feast for a true taste of culinary genius chefs as they made the restaurant becoming the only restaurant ever to skyrocket up the list by a whopping 27 places. Once you’re done losing your mind over their insanely good food, get the cocktail at The Night Rooster for a nightcap tipple or two.



Casa Luna

With its relaxed tropical atmosphere and and traditional furnitures, Casa Luna is an Ubud landmark that has been serving authentic Balinese food and modern, nourishing dishes for more than 25 years. Casa Luna is simply legendary, much like their Balinese-style Paella and scrumptious lime tart that’s been named the best on the island more than once. Vegan and vegetarian options play a significant role in the menu, and organic ingredients are hand-picked from the Casa Luna garden. Above all, we can immerse in the regular Casa Luna cooking classes to learn all of the scrummy secrets.


Indus Restaurant

With its breathtaking view of the Campuhan ridge and the enchanting beauty of Ubud’s nature, the sights at Indus Restaurant could distract you from the impeccable Asian-inspired dishes. After over 20 years of perfecting the art of local cuisine with a fusion of other Asian touches, Indus knows exactly how to whip up a rich and creamy jackfruit Rendang, or a smoking spread of chicken satay dripping in a velvety peanut sauce. Indus is one of Ubud’s most breathtaking restaurants, and a long-time favourite with the expats. Arrive at twilight for a sunset-soaked cocktail, and come by on a Friday for a fish feast that serves up steamed fish in banana leaves.


Get to the very heart and soul of Indonesian cooking at Manisan, where the food & décor hark back to a golden age of ancient kingdoms and spice routes. Soak up the al fresco ambiance surrounded by rice fields, and immerse yourself in the heritage of Bali while gorging on the kind of delicacies like sate ayam or beef rendang that have made Indonesia so famous.

Lumbung Restaurant

This superstar restaurant is home to not one but two different culinary concepts. Lumbung Restaurant is something very special. Direct your dinner plans to Lumbung Restaurant for incredible Indonesian cuisine that fancies up comfort food staples, or go uber-gourmet fine dining where premium fish and seafood is transformed into light and lavish gastronomical delights. At Lumbung Restaurant, opt for the Wagyu beef satay and Balinese duck, whilst at Padi Fine Dining, go for the Chef’s degustation menu that features Blue Swimmer Crab.

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Friday 31 May 2019




Amazing Things We can do in Ubud


Amazing Things We can do in Ubud  at Ini Vie Villa

Ubud is listed as one of the must to-visit on every tourist’s destinations during in Bali. Some called this place as a spiritual awakening and hub of creative responses. In Ubud, there are many ways to find serenity and we can get the best of what we want from a romantic destination, the cuisine and beverage that appetizing, the best spiritual treatment everyone can get with affordable price and the natural beauty like no other. Here are best of Ubud we can enjoy


Find Romantic Accommodation in Ubud


Ubud is all about the nature. Hence, people who come may wandering about the accommodation that close to nature and surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Ubud. Try several accommodation that has romantic ambiance such as Aksari Ubud. It is designed for romantic stay and the needs of modern travellers and completed with 5-star hospitality services for pleasant experience in Bali. Nestled in the green foothills of Ubud, the property is a hidden paradise featuring exclusive villa accommodation, supporting facilities and natural backdrop of Ubud.


Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge has an optional activity to increase our fitness while we are stuck in the sedentary lifestyle from strolling to jogging. It was quirky and many people come back as the trail is fit for all ages. Commonly, the locals called this activeness as Campuhan Ridge Walk as many of them enjoying morning and afternoon walk. Locals and expat  are come and seek for distinctive experience. In the morning they come around 6 am – 9 am and 4 pm-6 pm in the afternoon. It is not recommended for everyone to come after the sun goes down as there was no light. Campuhan Ridge has more than three kilometers route with winding stone track, and as long as we walk we can enjoy interminable lush greenery of Ubud. Many people come as the Campuhan Ridge easy to reach and nestled in the center of Ubud. It took only five minutes driving from Ubud Palace.



Taman Saraswati

Pura Taman Saraswati or Saraswati temple is water palace dedicated to Goddes Saraswati. A goddess of learning and a symbol of knowledge where it can flow like a river and beneficial for human. Every 210 days the Balinese Hindus celebrate this day. Pura Taman Saraswati is notable for its lotus pond and it is believed to constructed in 1951. As one of popular landmarks in Ubud the scene surrounding is picture-perfect and for some people it is a worth for pre-wedding backdrop.



Seniman Coffee Shop

Seniman offers how to enjoy speciality coffee. This as the coffee shop is coffee exporter, roaster and designer. Located in Taman Sri Wedari, center of Ubud, Seniman has its professional barista who always serve a heaven in the cup. Not only serve a cup of coffee, but some of them also write and think about the coffee. As this reputation and dedication, this coffee shop is must to-visit place in Ubud.



Puri Saren Palace

Puris Saren Palace is the Royal Ubud Palace and lies in front of Ubud art market. The royal families still living within and in the evening this is the best place to enjoy the traditional Balinese Dance. The palace also well-known for its cornerstone of why the region is now called Ubud, as its spiritual attraction. The term Ubud is derived from the term ubad, meaning medicine in reference to the traditional healing properties of the array of plants that randomly grow here. Generations of Hindu worshippers have made special pilgrimages to the fork in the Wos River to mediate, bathe and collect holy water for temple ceremonies and cleansing rituals.



Find a Yoga Retreats

Ubud is a mecca of spiritual wellness by now and strive to be a center of min and body treatment in Bali. Centers of yoga activity are burgeoning with range of classes for all different levels of ability and different studious. As Ubud believed to be a center of medicine, loads of people come to learn and even teach yoga in Ubud. Yoga is getting more popularity by now and several festival about yoga are held annually in last decade.



Monkey Forest

As its name, this place is a kingdom of local monkey and has become the signature of attraction in Ubud. Essentially, this is a conservation area and the monkey are protected. The place is believed to be a sacred one which overrun with cute primates and they posses as guardian of temple for years. They are friendly, however watch for belongings as the monkey tend to snatch the item they want.


Tegallalang Rice Terrace


Tegallalang is a rice field and cultural landscape of Bali. It consist of several rice terrace and the water temples within. The water temples are beneficial as water management system known as subak, that dates back to the 9th century. The subak reflects the Balinese philosophical concept of Tri Hita Karana, which brings together the realms of the spirit, the human world and nature that has shaped the landscape of Bali. The Subak system, which applied by hundreds of farmers in Bali, is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Subak components are the forest that protect the water supply, terraced paddy landscape, rice fields connected by a system of canals, tunnels,  weirs villages and temples of varying size. All of this component are fundamental that mark either the source of water or its passage through the temple on its way to irrigate. A landscape and culture where we cannot see in another place.


Thursday 23 May 2019




Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World


Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World at Ini Vie Villa

Bali has selected as the fifth best destination in the world by TripAdvisor- travelers choice awards recently. Of course we are grateful to hear that and for those who are now living for a vacation, congratulation, we are part of the beauty of Bali. Let’s keep the island clean and nurturing the culture and environment. The Island of God offers an array of beautiful spots that we can visit. There are mouthwatering dishes on every corner of the street from the most renowned restaurants to the street food, natural parks, legendary beaches, historic sites, clubs and coffee shops that will spoil us. All of these fabulous spot bestowed to Bali and attracted more and more people to come.  There are 7176 things to do listed by TripAdvisor, but the top three will bring us to a whole a new level as it were the most visited place recently.

1. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking is one of the best beaches in IndonesiaIt has breathtaking view like no other so that the reputation of this beach soaring rapidly. If we want to go to this jaw-dropped place, we need to go to the port nearby as this beach located in Nusa Penida Island in the southeastern of Bali and about 45 minutes by fast boat.  It has long been known that Nusa Penida has a lot of beach and not too many people around there and Kelingking is one of the most renowned by getting crowded with tourist each day as its stunning location.  Kelingking is a cliff with the sandy beach below. Many people are stumbled when they try to get the “perfect shot” on the top of cliff. Queues of people even lining up to get the best picture in the way of the actual pathway and it is worth.


2. Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall is touted as one of the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. It is located in Sawan, Buleleng Regency, a highland that has so many waterfall and lush jungle. To see Sekumpul Waterfall closely, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking lot, we have to walk quite far away, down a dirt road and hundreds of stairs followed by across the river.  It takes about 30 minutes to walk before finally we’ll hear the roar of waterfall and see the vertical drops of  water comes in three ways that showcasing breathtaking view.


3. Luhur Batukaru Temple

Located in Penebel, Tabanan Regency, Luhur Batukaru Temple is one of Bali's key attractions and a site of pilgrimage for Hindu Balinese. The Pura Luhur Batukaru lies in 1,300 meters above the sea level, on the slopes of Mount Batukaru and often misty. All around the Batukaru temple we'll find a garden of flowering frangipani, with a gigantic, inhabited, humid tropical forest all around it. The impressive placed Batukaru is situated  since the 11th century, which is an especially sacred site, even by Balinese standards. That's why all visitors have to carefully read and abide the temple rules posted clearly at the entrance.


Tuesday 02 April 2019