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Ankhusa is a restaurant inspired by Balinese wisdom and nature where guests can experience Indonesian cuisine alongside international dishes. Ankhusa originated in Ganesha’s weapon, became a symbol of prosperity and fertility for over the years by locals. The mythology then inspired us to named the restaurant.

Located in Ubud with breathtaking views of lush greenery jungle and rice fields, the restaurant offers a romantic experience like no other places. Ankhusa presents itself with Balinese architecture and fully decorated with bamboo as well as wood under meticulous craftsmanship for truly Balinese ambiance. As an all-day dining restaurant, it has also semi-outdoor decoration overlooking the lush jungle above a local river. The menu, which has an array of international food is designed to give optimal nutrition for the guest aimed to nurture the body with an array of local cuisine signatures.

Bali’s indigenous cuisine is the star of the restaurant. As an upscale restaurant, Ankhusa strives to serve authentic Balinese and Indonesian menus for your best gastronomic venture. Not to mention, the western savory for those who love international food. One can sample Lawar Kenus, a special selection for authentic Balinese Flavour. This food consists of traditional local ingredients and spices. Mixed with young coconut, grilled calamari, pork belly, pork satay, grilled prawn and crackers. Other recommendations are Gulai Kambing, a lamb shank stew with local spices. And Chicken Cashew Nuts, a wok fried chicken with dried chili and cashew nuts. But for those who have the most fun with western, Barbeque Pork Ribs, Norwegian Salmon, Aksari Burger and many others with the option to pair them with mocktails or cocktails will give one a new experience of culinary in the island. All of the food ready for all-day dining, just right off Ubud's natural beauty.


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