Our Philosophy

Aksari Resort Ubud - Capture your romantic experience in Ubud


Balinese Tradition, Mepeed - Aksari Ubud

Inspired by local wisdom, we put every detail of our decoration into the best place for the perfect atmosphere during your stay. Just like the style of rice fields which used Subak system that dates back to the 9th century which influenced our architecture and decoration. The subak reflects the Balinese philosophical concept of Tri Hita Karana which brings together the realms of the spirit, the human world and nature that has shaped the landscape of Bali. The Subak system applied by hundreds of farmers in Bali and it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Based on this philosophy, we have a strong similar forms of the property as rice terraced for the ultimate stay experience in Ubud.

Balinese Hospitality

With 5-star hospitality services for your pleasant experience during stay, Aksari Resort Ubud is idyllic place for romantic couples, travellers and even for family getaway. Traditionally dressed staff and management will embrace the guests as members of their family thereupon to give homey experience the layout, in-villa facilities, furniture and amenities were perfected and modernized. Every piece of decorations were locally made with Balinese woodcarving and stone carving style and we believe this set us apart from other resorts.

Balinese Craft - Aksari Ubud
Balinese Tradition, Mepeed - Aksari Ubud


Ganapati is a sophisticated lounge and bar where you can sip on the best coffee, refreshing mocktails, delicious craft cocktails, bracing wines and beers within calmness of Ubud for a unique experience. Unlike many other bars on the island, Ganapati offers a different ambiance. It lies on a wooden terrace covered with a Balinese facade overlooking the lush jungle, providing an ideal space for all-day relaxation with friends and family.


Ankhusa is a restaurant inspired by Balinese wisdom and nature where guests can experience Indonesian cuisine alongside international dishes. Ankhusa originated in Ganesha’s weapon, became a symbol of prosperity and fertility for over the years by locals. The mythology then inspired us to named the restaurant.



Avani Spa has distinctive spa location as the spa lies on a cliff overlooking the jungle and river for the best view. Providing serenity along with stunning landscape of natural beauty and slight breeze. The spa is using traditional massage oils and scrubs to pampering and give you and your spouse the ultimate treatments. Not to mention, the spa allows the whole family to replenish with a special package full of natural goodness to indulge in. Avani Spa is the best spa in Ubud to revitalize the body and pamper your senses into submission. From 30 minutes to more than one hours treatment, Avani Spa caters a massage that encourages every guest to step into the world of wellness. The unique signature massage was collaborating the most effective techniques from Indonesian Traditional Massage. One can choose from a nurturing spa menu that has been designed for young skin with pure natural product to a gentle massage that will bring balanced mind and body with mini facial for perfect treatment.


Opened its doors in the mid of August 2019, Kojin Teppanyaki Restaurant has been serving delectable Japanese cuisine for the ultimate dining experience in Ubud. For authentic taste, we only use well-chosen and high quality ingredients, cooked in a classy teppanyaki style to deliver the best of its creations in a dynamic and entertaining atmosphere. By providing our guests with a unique culinary experience that goes beyond delicious cuisine, we are eager to bring people together for fun and authentic Japanese cuisine with our own modern twist.